A collection of songs created as a result of the collaboration with Amy Lewis on her work 16 Electras.  It was performed at the San Francisco International Arts Festival on May 27th and June 3rd.

As a part of a larger research/art project Amy had collected words from 16 versions of the myth Electra.  She gave me those words in 16 sections.  I then created the music based on these words.  I chose which words to incorporate into the music and created a sequence of songs that all tie together.  I arranged the words and combined some of the sections together as Amy described what each section should mean.  For the performance at Fort Mason, we setup four speakers facing the audience as the dancers started out in the distance and approached the audience as the piece progressed.

A description of the Electra myth from 16 different versions.  1=who she is; 2=what she is before the murder of her father; 3=what happens to her after the murder; 4=what she looks like after the murder; 5=in mourning; 6=what other people call her after the murder; 7=electra hating; 8=electra violent; 9=planning the murder of her mother; 10=what others call her; 11=doing the deed; 12=what she does after her mother is killed; 13=end of story

16 Electras from Amy Lewis on Vimeo.

Dancers: Amelia Bonvento, Katherine House, Joyce Lien Kushner, Mary Katherine Patterson, Daphne Zneimer

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