Artist Agnes Szelag and choreographer Amy Lewis present a multi-media performance work based on theories in David Abram’s 1996 book The Spell of the Sensuous.  Through dance, video, and sound, Szelag and Lewis explore key themes discussed by Abrams: the loss of sensory awareness due to our immersion with technology, animism, and our symbol-induced alienation from nature.  In ANIMA, Szelag and Lewis attempt to create an magical reality where seemingly disparate ideas and dimensions suddenly coexist, a place where senses are blurred and the perception of time is challenged.  Though not performing, motion designer Omri Glaser worked closely with the duo to help create the visuals.

ANIMA MAGNETA is the expanded triptych in which ANIMA is a section. It was performed at the San Francisco International Arts Festival May 24th and 25th. Buy tickets here!