Tomek Chołoniewski, Ray Dickaty and Michał Dymny @Święta Krowa, KRK

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Ray Dickaty, Tomek Chołoniewski and Michał Dynmy @Swieta Krowa KRK

Tomek Chołoniewski is one of the top players in the Kraków improv music scene. I have seen him play in a number of contexts and there’s a balancing act he is really good at. On one hand. he always blends in with what is going on musically on the stage; on the other hand he always […]

“Degenerate art’ exhibit @ICC Kraków

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Carl Rabus, The Limpe (1925) 6-part series

Yesterday I went to see the art exhibit Hunting down the avant garde. Forbidden art in the Third Reich @ the ICC.  It was a pretty impressive display with illustrations, paintings and sculptures.  Here’s a couple of helpful links to understand the context: On the ICC website. The One of the most intense sections of […]

Jazz and Experimental Music from Poland in London

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While in London, I was lucky to catch one night of the Jazz and Experimental Music from Poland Festival which ran December 5-7.   I went to England primarily to visit family and to go to All Tomorrow’s Parties, so this was some nice icing. I went on the 7th which had Piotr Kurek headlining with Kacper Ziemianin […]

Evangelista/Drekoty @ Club RE, Kraków

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Evangelista/Drekoty @ Club RE, Kraków

Drekoty open for Evangelista @ Club Re, Kraków on November 29th, 2011 Drekoty were a wave of relief for my ears.   I hadn’t heard songs, lyrics, and structure performed for two weeks because I had been attending the  Audio Art Festival (review coming – it’s a monster, so many acts!) I had a fabulous time […]

Bydgoska Orkiestra Muzyki Współczesnej

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Marcin Gumiela (piano), Jędrzej Rochecki (violin), Stanisław Miłek (accordion), and Mateusz Szwankowski (clarinet)

Bydgoska Orkiestra Muzyki Współczesnej Dec. 21st, 2011 Alchemia, Kraków   With “orchestra” in the title I was expecting a little more than a trio on stage but I do love trios and I enjoyed the beginning of their set more than the latter part of the concert.  In the first piece you had Mateusz Szwankowski […]

Audio Art 2011 Installations – Kraków

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Audio Art 2011 Installations – Kraków

Zimoun (Bern) – 45 prepared dc-motors, cotton balls, cardboard boxes 60x60x60cm Nov. 18, 2011 Krystafory, Kraków Any piece is affected by the space it inhabits and I felt that the ambiance and size of the Krystafory basement was pretty fantastic combined with the architecturally-minded (his words) elements.  I felt the juxtaposition of the typical medieval […]

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