Evangelista/Drekoty @ Club RE, Kraków

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Drekoty open for Evangelista @ Club Re, Kraków on November 29th, 2011

Drekoty were a wave of relief for my ears.   I hadn’t heard songs, lyrics, and structure performed for two weeks because I had been attending the  Audio Art Festival (review coming – it’s a monster, so many acts!)

I had a fabulous time at this show.  Honestly, I was a bit captivated because I’ve been in Poland for four months and hadn’t really seen any Polish pop that I liked and bands made up of women.

Their songs are short, often with A, B, C and D parts with rhythms that can vary and syncopate so you don’t get tired of the same beat.  The drummer Ola Rzepka who writes most of the material was hypnotizing on stage.  Her earrings were swinging back and forth while she pumped energy into her drumming, singing, and sometimes keyboard playing.

The girls would switch around sometimes. Ola would be on the drums and at times she would switch with Magda Turłaj on keyboards.  The main vocalist seemed to be Zosz Chabiera but they all sang and that was another reason I really loved the music – the variety of vocals.  At times they would talk and scream.  They also had a small megaphone fastened to a mic stand which provided a nice filtered sound and gave the listener a different set of frequencies to focus on.

I liked the songs for song’s sake.  Each unique and accentuated by extended violin techniques that seemed like a cross between playing fiddle and playing extremely nonchalant avante garde music (oxymoron I know ;).  They use pretty funny sounds on their yamaha CS6X (I think, I didn’t check).  The combination of the rustic string playing and the very dated keyboard sounds gave the music it’s own space and time.

Their lyrics were pretty amusing and in Polish which I really appreciated.  Nothing is more grating on the ears than English sung with an accent.  Their content is punchy and silly.  For example one song is about wobbling (as in something is seriously wrong with your leg) into town during traffic.

Supposedly they’re pretty popular in Poland (as they should be), but they didn’t seem to have much of an audience that night at Club RE.  People were there to see Evangelista.  That’s why I was there, but am so glad I showed up early.

I went to see Evangelista because I know them and had been asked to play cello with them at one point.  They were a completely different vibe than Drekoty, but also amazing.  Carla’s performance is emotional and heartfelt.  She’s a total pro.  Her voice is low and husky and she’s an absolute natural on stage; now I understand why she tours so much and how she gets people to go with her. The band sounded epic even tho they didn’t have a proper drum kit.  The music reminded me of home which is the San Francisco Bay Area.

I always wondered if the Bay Area has something about it that connects some of its experimental music aesthetically.  Maybe it’s the way we all use effects or which pedals we drift towards.  Drekoty didn’t use any effects while much of Evangelista’s sound is drawn out textures that happen either in the beginning of the song or somewhere in the middle.  A dreamy scratchiness full of moods and feeling very vulnerable and human.  A very dirty love.


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